We at Coffee Automatic saw the need to advise people about the product they apply to their skin and that of their loved ones. We take a careful consideration at these products, their merits, and demerits and come out with a conclusion on each of these products and render our recommendations on them. You can always count on our review team for their work they do void of compromise. They say it exactly the way it is.

Our Review Policy

We regularly get sent products for review, our testing room is constantly in flux with Coffee Maker Machine for review. We are passionate and knowledgeable about what we do.

We don’t care where the product comes from and who manufactured it, every review highlights strengths and sometimes weaknesses if any.


We offer advice and recommendations to clients and customers, we are not responsible for anything that happens after the purchase. We don’t represent the manufacturer of these products. We just have opinions and reviews on their products. If you blow things up, buy something you don’t need, you should be bold enough to accept responsibility for your actions.